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Labrador Dog Diet-Labrador Retriever Dog Food chart |

Lab Adult Diet

  • A Labrador dog diet depends on many thing and all the dog owners must know these considerations while choosing the right food for your Labrador. However there are plenty of food varieties for Labrador’s that you can find in the market, but then also you must have the guidance about the right nutritional value required by your pet on a daily basis.

    Detail of Labrador Puppy Diet

    A dog’s diet should be rich in proteins. Any diet is that not protein rich is considered as waste by nutritionists, and it is a very essential nutrient for the breed. It is strongly advised that the proteins should cover almost a quarter of its diet. Food items like; milk, fish and meat are the best sources of proteins and these are excellent dog’s food too. But it is recommended that you must clear the meat of all the bones as it can lead to choking.

    Carbohydrates are another essential requirement of a Labrador’s dog food. It is very important that your dog consume a carbohydrate rich diet on a daily basis if you want it to stay Healthy and strong. For this, you can feed the Labrador with potatoes and corn.

    Some Veggies for the Dogs

    The Labrador breed of dog is completely a carnivorous one, but in order to improve their Digestion, it is essential that you add in their daily diet a good dose of cereals, vegetables and fruits. Now you have plenty of choices for your dog’s food, you can choose any food item from these. Apart from this, you have to take care of the fact that a dog is very much prone to get obese, and so you must not feed your dog with heavy quantities of food. Always give food to the dog in proportionate quantities.

    What’s the best dog food for puppies?

    Any food item that consists of carbohydrates, vitamins and calcium is the best dog food for puppies. Dogs need all these nutrients in their daily diet, just as human beings require them to grow and stay healthy.

    What should I feed to my Labrador?

    Milk, fruits, cereals, dog biscuits, fish, vegetables like carrot and broccoli, pasta etc are all Labradors favorite food items. Not just this, apart from being their favorite, these are quite nutritious too. So, you can give any of these things to feed you cute lab puppy.

    What quantity of food to feed my Labrador?

    Obesity is one common disease with Labradors that is caused because of overeating, and also labs love to eat. But, giving food to the Labrador in small quantities can help them stay away from this serious disease. So, do not ever overfeed them.

    Are veggies good for a Labrador?

    Though a Labrador is a carnivorous animal, but meat does not fulfill all the nutritional value required in its body and vegetable not only complete this value, but they also help in improving digestion process in this breed of dogs


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