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Labrador Puppy Diet-Labrador Retriever Puppies Food chart |

Lab Puppy Diet

  • Who does not wants to keep a pet, and if you have also kept a pet and especially a Labrador puppy, then it is a big responsibility on your shoulders now, of feeding it the right type of food, if you wish a good growth for your dog. People generally do not know much about a Labrador puppy diet and they feed their puppies with almost anything available in the market.

    Here is All About what to Feed a Lab Puppy

    Any Labrador dog has the capacity of eating badly and greedily, but this can harm your dog and it may face some serious Health hazards. First thing that you should take care of in a Labrador diet is, it should not eat in large quantities. Its diet should be a balanced one with proper quantity of vital nutrients and minerals, which are crucial for growth.

    Calcium is one very basic requirement of a labrador puppy diet, as there bones are strongly built, they need great amount of calcium for maintaining the strength. 2% of calcium in every meal is a must, whether it is a homemade meal or a packaged meal from the market. Do check the nutrients list before buying a Labrador’s food.For Labrador teeth, you can give puppy biscuits to the dog.

    Other Essentials For Labrador Puppy Feeding

    Feed your lab puppy with fresh raw vegetables like, carrot and broccoli, other food items like; pasta and rice. They are also very fond of meat and meat also completes the dog’s daily basic nutritional requirement. But whatever you are feeding to the dog has to be hygienic and so wash the utensil before preparing the meal. Home made meal items should also be washed properly if you want the dog to be safe from any type of disorders.

    What is the best dog food for lab puppies?
    The best dog food for lab puppies is a diet that is rich in protein and carbohydrates. Calcium is also very important for the dogs so you can include fish, milk and meat in its diet. Apart from this you can also feed your dog with carrot, broccoli, pasta and rice.

    What’s the best dog food to feed a lab puppy?
    A lab puppy enjoys all types of meat, but one that is boneless. Packaged food available in the market and dog biscuits are another great option. Though they are carnivores, but lab puppies enjoy eating vegetables too in their diet.

    What kind of food for lab puppy?
    You can choose any packed food for Lab Puppy that you find in the market, but one that is rich in calcium, carbohydrates and proteins is considered the right kind of food for a lab puppy.

    How much food for Labrador puppy?
    Labrador dogs are very fond of eating and it is impossible to stop them from eating. So, it is recommended that you must feed your lab dog with appropriate quantity of good quality. Overeating might cause serious Health Problems to your dog.

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