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Labrador Retriever Dog Common Diseases-Labrador Puppies Diseases |

Lab Common Diseases

  • Labradors are friendly, fun loving and highly obedient dogs. It is said that if you want to have a family dog, this breed is one of the most preferred choices. However, like every animal, Labrador also have Health Issues. There are common Labrador diseases which you must know about if you are planning to have your own Labrador. Here is the list of Labrador illness

    Hip/Elbow Dysplasia

    This is one of the most common problems noticed in labs. In these disorders, the joints’ bones get developed abnormally which causes dysfunction. This situation is painful for puppies. In major cases, this could lead to arthritis and in treatment; lab may have to undergo surgery as well. However, in minor cases, medications can help.

    Eye Conditions

    Eye is another body part in which Labrador diseases can occur. Problems like retinal dysplasia, cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy are some of the common Labrador sickness problems. In cataract, just like humans, dog experiences clouding of the lens of eyes. This problem should be treated in early stage or else surgery would take place. Then retinal dysplasia is retinal malformation which causes mild visual impairment. This can lead to total blindness as well.

    Muscular Dystrophy

    This is another common Labrador disease. Canine muscular dystrophy affects the male breed and its symptoms are weakness, excessive drooling, tongue enlargement, intolerance to exercise, etc. Some of the affected dogs die within few days and there is no cure for it. However, there are studies according to which scientists would find a way to treat this Labrador’s disease.

    So this was all about Labrador common diseases. Make sure that your lab is safe by taking him/her for a regular health checkup. This would make sure that you can catch a disease, if any, at an early stage so that treatment could be effective.

    How to avoid lab health problems?

    There are many health problems that Labrador can go through. There can be Muscular Dystrophy, cataracts, etc. To avoid them, you must give your dog healthy food firstly. Then squeeze protein and mineral supplements in his Food so that he can have a healthy diet.

    Method to get rid of Labrador health problems?

    You must take your Labrador to vet if you observe any kind of abnormality in him/her. Also, you should follow medications given by the doctor and make sure that each medicine is given on time. Surgery is the last option.

    How do I know if my lab has health issue?

    If you see some irregularity in behavior of your dog, then you must get his check up done. Scratching, drooling, dizziness, inability to play around much, etc are some of the signs that your dog is not quite well.

    How do I treat health problems of my lab?

    Get its regular health checkups done. If you find out that there is a problem, then start the treatment immediately. In most cases, medicines are enough. If its too late for medications, then going for surgery is the only option left.

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